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10 Tips for Improving the Efficiency and Performance of Your Dryer

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1. Look for an energy-efficient model.

  • A dryer’s efficiency is measured in terms of the energy factor, or the pounds of clothes dried per kilowatt-hour of electricity. The higher the energy factor, the more efficient the dryer. Even if an energy-efficient model costs more initially, you’ll recoup the cost in the long term with each load of laundry you throw in it.

2. Choose gas or electric based on your laundry room’s hookup settings.

  • Does your home already have a 240-volt current or a gas line? If so, then choosing between an electric or a gas dryer becomes a lot easier.

3. Select a dryer with moisture sensors.

  • Many quality dryers now offer sensors in their drums that detect the moisture level of the clothes and automatically adjust the temperature and time of the drying cycle. The dryers will also shut off automatically when they sense that the clothes are dry, rather than estimating when they should be done. This feature saves you energy costs over time and also protects your clothes from overheating and shrinking.

4. Look for the perma-press option.

  • For the best drying results, choose a dryer that includes a cool-down, or perma-press, feature. As the dryer finishes its cycle, it will start blowing cool air. This feature is especially helpful at preserving the colors in your dark loads.

5. Install the dryer in a warm place.

  • Location matters, even with your washer and dryer. If your laundry room is located in a dank, chilly garage or basement, the dryer will have to work harder to produce enough heat.

6. Clean the lint filter regularly.

  • Performing this simple task after every load or two will greatly improve the air circulation in the dryer, helping the machine work more efficiently. Neglecting to clean the lint filter regularly can also pose a fire hazard.

7. Dry loads back to back.

  • After one load has finished drying, throw another one in right away to take advantage of the leftover heat.

8. Use a straight metal vent to the outside.

  • Making sure your dryer is vented properly will greatly save you heating and cooling costs. Metal holds up better than vinyl against heat exposure, and it’s less likely to get twisted or crushed, restricting the air flow.

9. Dry full loads of similar-material clothing.

  • Without overloading the dryer, put in as full a load as you can. Also sort the clothes by material type. For instance, soggy towels take longer to dry than synthetic items, so don’t mix the two.

10. Make your washing machine spin the moisture out.

  • Use a high spin speed on your washing machine to wring out most of the moisture before you even put the clothes in the dryer.
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