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Maytag MGD7000X Review

27″ Gas Steam Dryer  8.5/10


Maytag MGD7000XA bold, boxy model from Maytag, this 27″ dryer features a large square viewing window that highlights the large-capacity stainless steel drum inside. Large and small loads alike will get the best drying treatment with three moisture sensors and advanced tumbling action. The controls look somewhat intimidating at first, but the LED screen displays all your choices and shows the countdown for the drying cycle. The noise and vibrations are minimal, although you can hear the drum chugging away as it rotates steadily. For $1,135.55, you can get a high-performing machine that also does its part to save energy.


Three sensors detect moisture to ensure optimal drying performance without shrinking or overheating clothes

Stainless steel drum soundproofed to reduce noise and clinking sounds from within

Steam boost option at the end of any cycle reduces wrinkles and static buildup

Eco-friendly design saves considerable energy along with companion washing machine

LED display shows estimated time remaining

Includes baffles that improve clothes tumbling and produces better drying results even with small loads


Pricey model

Drum makes audible rotating noises

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