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Frigidaire FAQG7011KR Review

27″ Gas Dryer  7/10


Frigidaire FAQG7011KRA cheery red color, this Frigidaire gas dryer will pop out in the laundry room and have your clothes dry in a short time. Its quick cycle, for instance, takes only 25 minutes. Moisture sensors in the drum allow the machine to turn off before clothes start to shrink or overheat, saving you energy costs. A large silver dial lets you select the cycle, and additional buttons are dedicated to temperature and dryness options. Easy to program and versatile in its functions, this Frigidaire dryer delivers quality performance for only $575.10.


Moisture sensors protect clothes from shrinking and overheating

Quick dry cycle takes about 25 minutes

Estimated time remaining displayed on screen

Painted stainless steel drum has a generous capacity

Reversible door


Only vents out of the back

Low to the ground unless you buy a pedestal

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