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Best Washing Machines

Top 10 Rated Washing Machines 2024


As we selected the top 10 washing machines, we looked for a number of important performance features, such as:

1. Variety of washing cycles for different types of fabric
2. Automatic dispensers that release the best amount of detergents
3. Adjustable or automatic water levels
4. Load sensing technology that optimizes energy and water use
6. A delay start option that lets you pick the most convenient time to run a cycle
7. Thorough cleaning that leaves clothes smelling fresh
8. Quiet and vibration-free operation

Front load washing machines are lauded for their energy-saving measures and superior performance. However, there are now several top load washing machines that possess many of the special features of front load machines without the extra cost or the need to regularly wipe down the door.

LG WM3470HVA  9/10

Color: White, Graphite Steel
Energy Star
12 Cycle Count
4.3 cu. ft. capacity
27″ x 29 3/4″ x 38 11/16″

Available in white or sleek graphite steel, this LG front load washing machine earned top ratings for its energy efficiency. With effective hot steam cleaning, bacteria are… read more

Colors: White, Black, Red, Silver
Energy Star
14 Cycle Count
4 cu. ft. capacity
28″ x 27″ x 44″

A high performing top load washing machine, this Maytag model sports a stylish design with its tempered glass lid and visually pleasing spread of controls. For a mid-range washing machine at $849.60, it also has a lot of convenient features… read more

Colors: White, Stainless Platinum
Energy Star
13 Cycle Count
4.7 cu. ft. capacity
27″ x 29 5/8″ x 44 5/8″

With a tempered glass lid, you can watch the foam cleaning action of this Samsung top load washing machine, which runs for around $900. The extra-large capacity stainless steel drum holds bulky loads and the diamond drum design is gentle… read more

4.5 cu. ft.

An energy-efficient top-load washing machine with a sleek design, the Samsung WA45H7000AW has a capacious 4.5 cubic foot tub…read more

LG WT1101CW  8.5/10

Color: White
Energy Star
7 Cycle Count
4.3 cu. ft. capacity
40.16″ x 27″ x 28″

A stylish top load washing machine with a dial and LED display on its panel, this LG model plays a cheerful chime to let you know when your cycle is complete. The stainless steel tub is durable … read more

Colors: White, Metallic Silver
Energy Star
7 Cycle Count
4.5 cu. ft. capacity
27″ x 29″ x 45″

A clear tempered glass lid atop this Whirlpool washing machine lets you watch the cleaning action in progress. With a generous size tub, you can easily fit bulky loads or towels. The machine’s … read more

3.8 cu. ft.

For a budget-conscious family, the Whirlpool WTW4900BW is a great value at $449.99. With a 3.8 cu. ft. stainless steel drum, this washing machine…read more

Color: White
Energy Star
11 Cycle Count
3.4 cu. ft. capacity
27″ x 27 1/2″ x 43″

For a dependable, efficient top load washing machine, Maytag doesn’t disappoint with this model. Its automatic load sensing means the correct water and temperature are used, saving you energy costs. The controls located… read more


Washing Machines Buying Guide

Washing Machine Manufacturers: Buying By Brand

As you research online and visit the appliance section in stores in the hunt for a new washer, you have probably noticed the variety of brands touting the best, most
reliable models. If you’re wondering which brands offer washers of consistent quality, durability, efficiency, and affordability, or even if you already have a brand you
swear by, it’s worthwhile to know each major company’s strengths and faults.


Whirlpool has one of the most recognizable, iconic names because it’s been around so long
and it consistently offers quality appliances at an affordable price. Many public Laundromats rely on them because they’re built to withstand a lot of use. Most models carry an Energy Star rating, which means they are more efficient, and drum capacity is becoming consistently larger. Whirlpool is following other competitors’ technological advances, introducing steam and allergy-removing cycles to some of its higher end products. Whirlpool typically gets average to favorable ratings; with a wide selection covering all price ranges, it’s a durable, trusted brand.


GE has fought hard to be known as a “green” company, earning Energy Star ratings for most
of its models. It offers many convenient features, like the automatic detergent dispenser, which stores and releases many months’ worth of detergent in the correct amount. Its machines typically have large capacities and smart cycles that determine the correct temperature and amount of water to use. GE has experimented with different colors than just plain neutrals, so if you like bright or unusual colors for your appliances, GE may have just what you want. This brand is generally reliable, but as with any company has the occasional low performer.


Samsung is newer at washing machines than some of its competitors, but it’s quickly established itself as an innovative company offering advanced technology. Samsung’s known for leading the way in vibration reduction technology and using silver to kill bacteria in sanitizing washes. Its less expensive models are reliably efficient and effective washers, and its higher end machines have a plethora of special features that make doing laundry simple and convenient. This brand consistently receives top ratings. If there are any common complaints about Samsung, it’s that it takes longer to have skilled service workers come to handle repairs.


LG models are consistent high performers and run in the $800 to $1700 range. Its top loaders and front loaders have generous drum capacities and feature many innovative technologies, like the wash/rinse optimizer and an allergen-removing cycle. LG’s claim to fame is that it introduced and perfected the steam cleaning cycle. Like Samsung, LG receives steady top ratings, which is why it has some of the most expensive models on the market. Be aware also that its wash cycles take longer to complete.


Sears’ Kenmore brand has been a top contender since its introduction in 1927. It offers trusted models from bare-bones top loaders at $320 to advanced front loaders at $1600. Consumer reviews consistently praise Kenmore’s top performance, efficiency, and reduced noise levels. Its models are typically sleek and attractive, and even lower end washers have large capacities. Because Kenmore can be found only at Sears, it saves you some shopping time. However, it also means you’re less likely to find heavily discounted models as they don’t have to compete with other retailers. Overall, Kenmore is a well-regarded brand with years of trustworthy performance.


Maytag is owned by Whirlpool and has come to be known as a durable brand with reasonable
prices, ranging from $400 to $1700. Maytag produces washers for the commercial sector, so lots of the durability factors also apply to consumer models. For large families and people with pets or allergies, Maytag’s large capacities and allergen-removing cycle are big pluses. Additionally, they’re highly efficient, with some models running at just 140 kWh/year. The main downside with this company is its models are quite expensive, with only the top-tier washers offering the best features like steam. Over time, some of its less expensive washers will integrate more advanced technologies.


Frigidaire has been in the appliance industry for almost 100 years and offers quality washers at competitive prices. Its front loaders barely exceed $1000, which is refreshingly low compared to other brands. Frigidaire washers are sleek and available in a wide range of colors. While they are more basic and don’t offer all the latest bells and whistles, they are rated highly for cleaning and holding up over the years. While Frigidaire models don’t have as much capacity as some other brands, they’re known for being very efficient and reliable.

There are several other washing machine brands available on the market. Some, like Bosch and Electrolux, have been popular in Europe for years and are just now gaining recognition in the United States. Whichever brand you decide to go with, be sure to read reviews for individual models to be aware of its strengths and potential problems.

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