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Best Dryers

Top 10 Dryers


As we looked at a variety of dryers to select our top 10 models, we looked for specific features that improve and enhance the drying performance, such as:

1. Moisture sensors that are gentle on fabrics and save energy costs
2. Large capacity tubs
3. Useful drying cycles like perma-press, delicates, heavy-duty, and normal
4. Steam for de-wrinkling and sanitizing clothes
5. Easy-to-program controls
6. Automatic or timed cycles with the option to add/subtract time
7. Noise and vibration reduction

Here is a wide selection of brands and styles, including gas and electric models, that will deliver high-quality performance. See the dryer comparison and ratings below with a link to the full review of each.

GE GFDN240GL  9/10

Colors: White, Metallic Silver, Vermilion Red
9 drying cycles
7 cu. ft. capacity
27″ x 33″ x 40 1/2″

This GE dryer has an incredibly large stainless steel drum capable of holding your bulkiest loads. Its cycle options are quite comprehensive, even offering special care for active wear—your kids…read more

LG DLEC855  8.5/10

Colors: White, Wild Cherry Red
9 drying cycles
4.2 cu. ft. capacity
24″ x 25 1.4″ x 33 1/2″

A compact dryer from LG perfectly suited to a small house or apartment, this model pops out in its bright cherry red color. With the clear circular window in the front, it resembles its front-loading…read more

Colors: Island White
11 drying cycles
8 cu. ft. capacity
27″ x 31 1/2″ x 38″

This very large capacity electric dryer from Electrolux has packed a huge stainless steel drum without increasing the 27″ width. The drum measures in a 8 cu.ft…read more

10 cycle selections
4 temperature settings
43.4” H x 29” W x 27.75” D
7.4 cubic feet

Maytag has upped the ante and included commercial dryer parts into this dryer. That is a statement of quality in itself. What parts you ask? They included a high perfomance dryer motor…read more

Colors: White, Stainless Platinum
13 drying cycles
7.5 cu. ft. capacity
27″ x 38 5/8″ x 32 9/32″

This Samsung electric dryer, at $1,178.75, offers superior drying performance and several special features that make laundry easier for you. This model uses steam effectively to sanitize…read more

Color: Sepia
15 drying cycles
6.7 cu. ft. capacity
27″ x 31 7/8″ x 36 7/8″

A quiet, efficient dryer from Bosch, this model will cut down on your need to iron or use dryer sheets. With the steam refreshing and relaxing options, clothes will come out wrinkle-free and without static…read more

LG DLGX3886  8/10

Color: Chardonnay
14 drying cycles
7.4 cu. ft. capacity
27″ x 30″ x 38 11/16″

This LG dryer, in a stylish chardonnay color, uses advanced technology to get the optimal drying results every load. Even non-washable items, like special pillows, can go in this dryer for a sanitizing…read more

13 cycle selections
4 temperature settings
120/240 volts
43” H x 29” W x 27.75” D
7 cubic feet

Whirlpool is a good name in the appliance world, and they don’t fail to deliver here. This is a great mid-range priced electric dryer that has all the options you really need…read more

Roper RED4640YQ  7.5/10

11 cycle selections
3 temperature settings
120/240 volts
42.5” H x 29” W x 28.5” D
6.5 cubic feet

This electric dryer from Roper is close to the most budget-conscious selection on the list. For the reasonable price of $379.00 you get a pretty decent performing machine…read more

Color: Red
7 drying cycles
7 cu. ft. capacity
27″ x 29 3/4″ x 36″

A cheery red color, this Frigidaire gas dryer will pop out in the laundry room and have your clothes dry in a short time. Its quick cycle, for instance, takes only 25 minutes. Moisture sensors in the…read more


Dryers Buying Guide

The Best Features to Have in a Dryer

As you shop for a new dryer, you may be overwhelmed by the various cycle options and special features that different brands offer. The challenge becomes knowing which features are truly useful and which are snazzy but not truly necessary. To get the best value with your purchase, do not pay extra for features you won’t use. Here’s a rundown of the best dryer features you should look for.

Moisture sensors

This is a must-have feature if you want your dryer to work the most efficiently. Traditional dryers estimate the correct drying time based on the temperature of the air in the drum. Sometimes their estimates are a bit off, leaving clothes still damp or shrunk and sizzling.

New models have fixed this problem with sensors in the drum that detect moisture levels in the clothes and adjust the temperature and time of the cycle accordingly. The dryer shuts off automatically when the clothes are dry, which means no energy is wasted and your clothes aren’t subjected to overheating, which damages fabric.

Interior light

A light inside the drum is so useful when you’re digging around for every last sock, so you’d be surprised that some models don’t include it.

Permanent press

A perma-press option gives your clothes a cool-down period at the end of a cycle. This feature is handy because it reduces wrinkles, which can mean less ironing time for you. It also protects your colorful clothes from fading.

Adjustable temperature

Different fabrics require different temperatures to dry properly without damage. High temperatures are fine for white, preshrunk items, but lower temperatures should be used for your delicate items and colorful garments.

Extended tumble

Say you put a load in the dryer and then you have to leave the house. You don’t want the clothes to sit in the dryer getting all wrinkled. An extended tumble feature periodically tosses the clothes around without heat just to keep them fresh and de-wrinkled.

Lint filter indicator

If you’re bad about remembering to clean the lint filter, an indicator is a handy feature that will remind you. A clogged filter greatly impedes the drying process and poses a fire risk.

Drying rack

A convenient accessory that you attach to the inside of the drum, a drying rack keeps clunky items like sneakers from tumbling around in the dryer.

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