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Best MP3 Players

Top 10 Rated MP3 Players 2024


While MP3 players vary in their size, capacity, and functions, we found ten models that scored well in the most important aspects:
1. High-quality audio, video, and/or pictures
2. Ease of navigation with buttons and menus
3. Compact, lightweight size and easy portability
4. Convenient features like clips for wearing to the gym
5. Versatility when it comes to music, FM radio, video, games, apps, and voice recording
6. Screen size and resolution
7. Value for the price
Whether you’re looking for an all-purpose tool that lets you surf the web and share pictures and videos or a simple device to play your music while you work out, there’s an MP3 player just right for you at a reasonable price on this top 10 list. See the MP3 player comparison and ratings below with a link to the full review of each.

Colors: Black, White
32 GB
Operating system: iOS
3.5 ounces
1.1″ x 2.8″ x 4.8″

The latest iPod from Apple contains all the excitement of digital songs, pictures, videos, games, and Internet in a slender, lightweight device. While it has enough capacity to hold up to 8,000 songs, it’s so much more than a basic MP3 player…read more

Wifi b/g/n built-in
800×480 resolution on a 4.2-inch touchscreen
8gb internal memory expandable up to 32gb
4.2 ounces

The Galaxy Player is equipped with two speakers for listening without headphones, front and rear facing cameras that take more than decent photos, and Bluetooth for connecting mics and other devices. This is a loaded little player that will do much more…read more

Colors: Black, Silver
160 GB
Operating system: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS
4.9 ounces
4.1″ x 2.4″ x 0.41″

If you’re a music lover looking for a device primarily to hold your extensive music collection, then the iPod Classic 7th Generation is the way to go. Its sheer storage space is incredible: With 160 GB it holds…read more

Colors: Black, Orange, Blue, Gray, Purple, White, Red
4 GB
Operating system: PC, Mac, Linux
0.6 ounces
0.6″ x 1.4″ x 2.2″

For the active on-the-go music lover who needs a small, practical MP3 player to bring to the gym, the SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip is a convenient choice. The small, lightweight device has a clip on the back that attaches securely…read more

Sony Walkman  8/10

Color: Black
8 GB
Operating system: PC, Mac, Linux
0.14 pounds
6.8″ x 4.6″ x 0.9″

A user-friendly MP3 player with fast syncing and a long battery life, this Sony Walkman device allows you to drag and drop media files from multiple applications, including iTunes and Windows Media Player…read more

Colors: Black, White, Purple, Blue
8 GB
2.25 ounces
2″ x 0.4″ x 3.8″

A tiny, feather-light MP3 player, this SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ is about the size of a credit card, making it easy to carry around in a pocket. The 8 GB version holds up to 2,000 songs or 24 hours of video, and it conveniently picks up FM radio…read more

Apple iPod Nano  7.5/10

Colors: Graphite, Blue, Green, Orange, Silver, Pink
8 GB
Operating system: Sun Solaris
0.08 pounds
1.7″ x 2.2″ x 2.2″

One of the few iPods left that’s strictly for music, the 7th generation iPod Nano has a tall form factor with a 2.5-inch display. The click wheel is gone, replaced by touchscreen controls. That may or may not be a plus…read more

Colors: Graphite, Purple, Orange
8 GB
6.4 ounces
7.2″ x 2″ x 10.8″

For people looking for a convenient MP3 player on a budget, this Sylvania 8 GB device is a user-friendly option and equally friendly to your wallet at only $39.99. A great starter MP3 player that kids especially will love…read more

Color: Black
4 GB
Operating system: Windows
8 ounces
0.4″ x 1.6″ x 3.6″

If you need a small portable device with enough memory to hold songs for your workouts, but you can’t spring for an Apple Nano, then the Coby 4 GB Flash MP3 player is a viable alternative. It even includes video…read more

Colors: Red, Blue, Black
4 GB
Operating system: PC
0.35 pounds
7.5″ x 5.6″ x 1.5″

For an amazingly low-priced MP3 player, just $24.90, this Coby device delivers what it promises: adequate access to music, photos, and videos. Granted, the video and picture quality is not superb, but the included software…read more

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