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Best Wireless Headphones

Top 10 Rated Wireless Headphones 2024


The word “wireless” has been sneaking its way into just about every electronic device we can think of. It started with cell phones, moved to the internet in our homes and we can even charge some of our devices wirelessly. A really great wireless innovation is headphones. This way as we are listening on the go, there is nothing to be hung up on. Our music device doesn’t even have to be in reach. Listening to our favorite music just keeps getting easier. We rated the top 10 wireless headphones based on the following criteria:

1. Sound quality of highs and lows
2. Hands free capabilities with cell phones
3. Easy to use controls on the headphones
4. Compatibility with many devices
5. Battery life for listening and standby
6. Noise cancellation and isolation for listening and talking
7. Price for functionality of the headphones

Sony DRBT50  9.5/10

17 hours talk/music, 200 hours standby time
Bluetooth v2.0
On ear controls
Carrying pouch included
6.4 ounces

A lot of wireless headphones out there stick to small form factors. The Sony DRBT50 over-the-headphones pack a punch when it comes to sound quality over Bluetooth and they have very effective passive noise cancellation…read more

4.5 hours talk/music, 100 hours standby time
Compatible with any A2DP Bluetooth stereo device
1 year limited warranty
Lifetime warranty against sweat

If you are looking for the perfect wireless headphones for your daily workout, look no further. The Freedom Sprint earbuds will satisfy just about every gym frequenter out there…read more

7 hours talk/music, 7 days standby time
Compatible with A2DP-enabled smartphones and Bluetooth MP3 players
Noise cancelling mic
iPhone battery meter
Carrying pouch included

The BackBeat 903+ wireless headphones are a lightweight and high quality choice. These are just as great for workouts as they are for making a phone call while you are driving. Voice alerts are a neat feature that let you know if a call…read more

10 hours talk/music, 15 days standby time
Available in white or black
Text reader for Android OS with free app
Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR

LG’s wireless headphones are feature laden and are worth a little attention. If you are looking for headphones that work particularly well with your Android phone…read more

Detachable mic
THX Studio Pro (PC/Mac) significantly enhances sound
On ear controls
Heavy-duty build

This is another wireless gaming headset on the list, but it really impresses when it comes to sound quality. Since they are for gaming, they have been designed for comfort…read more

10 hour battery life
RCA and 3.5mm plugs can be used
Noise cancelling mic
On ear controls

These wireless headphones from Logitech are geared completely toward gaming. The wireless will only work with video game consoles…read more

Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR
8 hour battery life
No microphone for Bluetooth calls
Travel pouch included

This is the pair of wireless headphones to get if you are not looking to use them as a headset for phones. There is no mic built into this unit. This is good because Creative was able to focus its efforts…read more

Motorokr S305  8/10

6.5 hours talk/music, 100 hours standby time
Compatible with iPhone and stereo Bluetooth enabled devices
On ear music controls

The S305 wireless headphones from Motorola come in a stylish behind the neck design, are comfortable over long periods of time, and deliver satisfying sound quality over Bluetooth…read more

Jabra Clipper  7.5/10

6 hours talk/music, 8 days standby time
Bluetooth v2.1
Automatically switch between music and calls
Available in 5 colors

These Bluetooth earbuds combine the quality of good headphones with a good headset for making and receiving phone calls. They clip houses all the buttons and can be clipped on to a shirt…read more

Kinivo BTH220  7/10

8 hours talk/music, 150 hours standby
Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR Class 2
Compatible with Apple products, Android phones, Blackberries, and PS3
Carrying pouch included
1 year warranty

These middle-of-the-road Bluetooth headphones are adequate performers and take care of all the necessary functions one would want in a pair of headphones…read more

Wireless Headphones Buying Guide

Understanding Sound Quality When Buying Wireless Headphones

With a world gone wireless, wireless headphones are to be expected. It’s a huge plus not to have wires dangling from your ears as you run or walk. These headphones mainly work through Bluetooth connections and use rechargeable batteries. There is the added headache of needing a Bluetooth compatible device, but many new smartphones have it available. Sound quality is another issue with wireless headphones. It is not going to be as rich as a wired pair. Freedom of movement is the trade off which can be very useful in many situations.

Whether you’re a casual music listener or an avid collector of sound equipment, it’s worthwhile to review the basics of sound quality so you understand what manufacturers are talking about when they claim their headphones are the best.

Sound perception varies from person to person. The best way to select new headphones is to try them out yourself at the store. Because everyone has different shaped heads and ears, they’ll perceive music and sound differently, especially since headphones pipe music directly into the ears. Hence, it’s important to try on different headphones not only to see which ones are comfortable to wear, but to get an idea of how rich and full the music sounds.

Consider the following questions to determine if you would benefit from wireless headphones:

  • Do you exercise with music often?
  • Do you want to use headphones at a computer or with a TV where it wouldn’t be practical to have wired headphones?
  • Wireless headphones double as Bluetooth headsets for hands free calling.

For long periods of use, you need a comfortable fit. Wireless headphones are usually very lightweight, but it’s important to make sure you’re comfortable wearing a set for an extended time. Padded surfaces are a must—including the headband. With circumaural headphones, you want a good seal over the ears, but make sure it’s not so tight that it puts undue pressure on your ears and head. Some headphones make your ears heat up or feel tingly if you wear them too long.

Understanding Other Sound Terms

Frequency: Headphones capture the complete range of sounds that humans can hear, from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. The question is how well they reproduce those frequencies. Any low frequencies below 20 Hz aren’t audible, but you can sometimes feel them.

Sensitivity: Headphones measure their loudness efficiency in terms of decibels per milliwatt of power. You want a high sensitivity number of at least 100 dB if you’re using a portable device. The lower the sensitivity, the harder the headphones have to work to sound as loud as those with high sensitivity.

Impedance: Impedance is measured in ohms and it relates to how much resistance the headphones put on an amplifier. Most headphones for professional and commercial use have impedances under 100 ohms. The higher the impedance, the more power you’ll need.

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