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Sylvania SMPK8099 Review

8 GB MP3 Player  7.5/10


Sylvania SMPK8099For people looking for a convenient MP3 player on a budget, this Sylvania 8 GB device is a user-friendly option and equally friendly to your wallet at only $39.99. A great starter MP3 player that kids especially will love, it holds up to 2,000 songs and has a long battery life. Loading media onto it is simple with a drag-and-drop method. The built-in camera shoots photos and video, which won’t be very high quailty; however, for the price, it’s still nice to have these features. Adults will appreciate the FM tuner and the microphone, which is ideal for recording lectures. Overall, for a low price, the Sylvania offers satisfactory features and great music-playing capabilities.


Holds up to 2,000 songs or 25 hours of video

A single charge plays up to 10 hours of music or 8 hours of video

2-inch color LCD screen has a 320×240 pixel resolution

Supports a variety of audio, video, and text files

Built-in camera takes pictures or videos

Built-in microphone


Video is low quality

Cheap plastic feel


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