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Yet Another Energy Related Award for a Refrigerator; LG this time

The LG LFX 31925 has won an award from Good Housekeepings Green Energy side for energy efficiency. There are some trappings to this award as the magazine agrees to refund the price of the unit if it turns out to be defective from manufacturers defects within the first two years of use. That’s a pretty nice guarantee to offer. Now keep in mind this is very expensive refrigerator of $3000 plus.

To top all this energy efficiency stuff off even more, refrigerators will be 25% more efficient in 2014 than they are today according to Big Brother (Dept. of Energy). We’re not holding out breath however that this will help reduce the Federal Govt. deficit or debt problem Maybe they should focus more on their own household….

John E. Moore John E. Moore has been reviewing kitchen goods and refrigerators for 8 years as the leader of Cooks Warehouse sells more than 400 kitchen items and accessories. John is also a self-described computer tech geek…. See more about John

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