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Refrigerator Energy Star/Energy Guide Power Consumption Guidelines and Considerations

By John E. Moore Refrigerators have the deserved reputation of energy hogs. They certainly do drive up your power bills so it’s important to keep the fridge on the right cooler setting as well as purchase a refrigerator that will give you better efficiency. They also run non-stop. Newer refrigerators will be better at this […]

Yet Another Energy Related Award for a Refrigerator; LG this time

By John E. Moore The LG LFX 31925 has won an award from Good Housekeepings Green Energy side for energy efficiency. There are some trappings to this award as the magazine agrees to refund the price of the unit if it turns out to be defective from manufacturers defects within the first two years of […]

Are Energy Star Refrigerators Really Worth the Difference in Price?

By John E. Moore First off, know that almost all refrigerators coming out these days are Energy Star rated – at least from the major manufacturers that pay Energy Star enough money to get certified. I’m sure they pay a pretty penny for the sticker. The Energy Star sticker means the fridge runs at 20% […]

LG’s Greener Living Tour Promotes Refrigerator, Larger size fridge

By John E. Moore Funny, now LG, rather than promoting energy efficiency in it’s refrigerator is promoting how much gas you will save by buying a larger refrigerator and going to the store less often. What a twist. See our article about energy efficiency standards in refrigerators and what we suspect is the major reason […]