Toshiba 32L4200U Review

32”-42” LCD TV  9.5/10


Toshiba 32L4200U TV
This value oriented 32” LED backlit LCD is being offered for a very attractive price. In addition to the upgrade to LED over LCD backlighting, the Toshiba 32L4200U offers Toshiba’s upgraded sound system in the Audessey Premium package. It’s a smart move as sound quality is so often overlooked in the smaller LCD TV sizes. It’s important though and quality sound just naturally gives the viewer a better experience.

Most people will be using the 32” TV for a second room and the speakers on the TV will be used rather than a surround sound system. What you will get extra with this LED backlit TV is brighter peak whites, allowing for more contrast and punch – especially in on-screen images that have natural light showing. Prices should be around $350.

Quick Specs

  • Dimensions: 29 by 20 by 36.1 inches
  • 720P Resolution
  • LED backlighting
  • 60Hz

LED (light emitting diode) backlighting

Sound Quality

Good on-screen menu system

Design is attractive


Some glare off the LCD front panel

LED backlighting can cause some light uniformity issues

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