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Vizio E320i-B2

32 Inch LED TV  8.5/10


Vizio E320i-B2
The Vizio E320i-B2 is a worthy entry-level LED TV for a great budget price (the high $200 range). As a perk, it includes a range of upgrades, such as the full-array LED backlighting, which enhances the contrast and uniformity of the picture. It creates better peak whites and deep blacks as a result. Be aware that this TV, at 32 inches, does not have the active dimming found on larger models. Also, this size TV does not offer 1080p or a 120Hz refresh rate, but these features would likely bump up the price significantly. However, this E series includes the Vizio Internet Apps Plus for the first time. If you’re watching non-HD cable, be aware that it will be tough to find the optimal aspect ratio without losing screen space or cutting off/stretching the image.

Quick Specs

  • 32″ diagonally
  • 720p
  • 2 HDMI, 1 USB inputs
  • 60Hz Full-Array LED Smart TV
  • 28.58”W x 18.65”H x 6.83”D

Very lightweight

For a budget TV, calibration makes for great picture quality

Offers different picture modes for various viewing situations

Built-in speakers offer enough volume

Black Detail feature under picture settings boosts black saturation and contrast


SD aspect ratio problems

When in standby mode, fan makes clicking noise

When on, display makes high-pitched whining sound

Side-angle viewing is not terrific




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