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Samsung HMX-Q10

Full HD Compact Camcorder  7.5/10


Samsung HMX-Q10
The HMX-Q10 is an all around great camcorder option from Samsung. The body design will be the first thing noticed by many. It’s very small and compact, but it still records 1080p video. That’s something not all camcorders in this class are capable of. Even though the zoom is not very powerful on this camera, Samsung still included the Optical Image Stabilizer Duo to keep images smooth no matter how shaky hands can get. Some say the low light performance is poor, making the lack of a light or flash a big miss. If this is going to be your first camcorder, it will be hard to pass on this one. It is available for low price of $182.22.

Quick Specs

  • Full HD video recording (1080p)
  • 10x optical zoom and 20x digital zoom
  • 2.7-inch touch-screen LCD display

SmartTouch 3.0 display makes the touch-screen operate like a smart phone screen

High quality CMOS sensor produces great looking video

Switch Grip design allows easy use for left or right-handed operators

USB battery charging


No internal memory

Weak zooming capabilities compared to other camcorders in this class


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