Ravelli APGL4

70-inch Stand Pistol Grip Tripod  9/10


Ravelli APGL4 Digital Camera Tripod
If you are looking for a tripod designed to take a lot of abuse, this might be the one for you. The construction is completely aluminum. It is going to be strong and lightweight. That is exactly what you need in a tripod. The APGL4 also comes with over sized mounting plates to cover just about any piece of equipment you may have. The three legs have the ability to be set independently for the ultimate customization in any situation with the center column able to be inverted for low angle shots. The pistol-grip ball head for minute adjustments is a great addition as well. You can get the Ravelli APGL4 tripod for $93.33.

Quick Specs

  • Pistol-grip ball head
  • 69.75” height
  • Carrying bad included
  • Supports up to 16 pounds
  • 8 pounds

Quick release for the camera makes transitioning between the tripod and hand holding easy

The construction is all aluminum and very sturdy

The Pistol ball grip enables the photographer to get just the right position on the tripod with little effort

The included carrying bag is a nice plus for a photographer that does a lot of traveling


The included bubble levels are great, but for a tripod at this price a few more for different positions would have been nice

Expensive for a starter tripod


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