Ravelli Professional

65-inch Stand Tripod  8.5/10


Ravelli Professional Stand Tripod
This tripod from Ravelli bridges the gap between inexpensive and professional tripods. It is pretty feature heavy for being offered at a budget price. It only weighs 3.5 pounds and can support up to 17 pounds. That strength to weight that is not found in many tripods. It has 360 degree panning and 90 degree tilting functions that are useful to every photographer out there. The legs have twist locks to ensure that they remain in the locked position with extended use. The Ravelli Professional 65-inch tripod can be found for $49.96.

Quick Specs

  • 65” height
  • Supports up to 17 pounds
  • Aluminum legs
  • Carry bag included
  • 3.5 pounds

Solid construction

The adjustable ball head makes precision positioning easy

This one is great for travel due to the light weight

Very affordable for a quality tripod

Carrying case and a ‘baby’ tripod included


Slide-in quick release is not as practical as the snap-in type

Changing the heads on the tripod is not easy


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