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Vanguard Alta Pro 263

68-inch Stand Tripod  9.5/10


Vanguard Alta Pro 263 Stand Tripod
This tripod is all about the angles. It can achieve some pretty impressive low angles due to its Multi-Angle Central Column system. This means the center column can be moved from 0 degrees to 180 degrees in different vertical and horizontal potions. It is a close up and macro photographer’s dream. The pistol-grip allows easy one-handed control for panning and tilt while the anodized center ball makes movement extremely fluid. The Vanguard Alta Pro 263 is a fantastic choice for the budding photographer and professional alike. This tripod usually sells for $174.95.

Quick Specs

  • Pistol-grip ball head
  • 15.4 pound load capacity
  • 68.5” height
  • Flip lever locks
  • 5.83 pounds

The ball head makes it easy to achieve the perfect angle for any shot

The different angles on the legs are perfect for all sorts of terrains and shooting situations

The Multi-Angle Central Column is extremely flexible and offers a great amount of security no matter what the angle is set to

The removable hook for hanging accessories and weights is very convenient


The carbon fiber version is much better in terms of build quality. It’s a bit more of an investment as well

It’s an expensive tripod for those who are just starting out with photography


Brian Jones has had a passion for photography and anything related for the majority of his life. One photography class in high school was all it took to get hooked on everything to do with the subject. He became more focused on learning about camera… See more about Brian