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LG’s Greener Living Tour Promotes Refrigerator, Larger size fridge

Funny, now LG, rather than promoting energy efficiency in it’s refrigerator is promoting how much gas you will save by buying a larger refrigerator and going to the store less often. What a twist. See our article about energy efficiency standards in refrigerators and what we suspect is the major reason for all the energy savings (hint: you dont actually have as much space as the manufacturer posts). Read below the promotion:

The centerpiece of the Greener Living Tour is LG’s new super-capacity French-door refrigerator. With about 20 percent more capacity than the standard 36-inch width refrigerator – enough for 51 gallons of milk or numerous bushels of fresh produce – consumers can store more market-fresh fruits and veggies, and spend less time driving to the store.

This ENERGY STAR-qualified refrigerator exceeds government energy standards by 20 percent, offers industry-leading capacity and a host of features to help keep foods fresher, longer. To maximize energy savings, LG redesigned the refrigerator’s compressor. Typically, the compressor is either running at full power or off completely; however, LG’s Linear Compressor can vary output depending on need, and has fewer moving parts, which creates less friction and saves more energy.

This technology leads to fewer temperature swings, which means consumers use less energy and spend less money. The new compressor also drives LG’s new Smart Cooling System, which is designed to provide superior humidity and temperature to help extend the life of fresh foods.

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