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Nike RZN Platinum

Nike Golf Ball  8.5/10 By S. Dee Davis The new Nike RZN Platinum golf balls incorporates a 4-piece construction with the new Speedlock Technology, the interlocking RZV (polymer resin) core design that delivers more energy between the layers of the ball, producing a faster ball speed, thus longer distance off the tee. This new generation […]

Srixon Z-Star XV

Srixon Golf Ball  8/10 By S. Dee Davis Srixon Z-Star XV uses a coating on the thin urethane cover to increase friction for that grab to increase spin on wedge shots and chipping to really enhance your scoring game. The first thing our testers noticed was the softer feel over the previous Z-Star. The Second […]

Wilson Staff DUO Spin

Wilson Golf Ball  8/10 By S. Dee Davis The new little brother of the DUO ($19/dozen), the breakout ball of 2013, the 2015 Wilson Duo Spin is, at 35 compression, the absolute softest multilayer golf ball. You’ll get similar distance and the soft feel characteristics of the previous DUO golf ball, except they’ve added greenside […]

Bridgestone E5

Bridgestone Golf Ball  8/10 By S. Dee Davis At $29/dozen, the Bridgestone E5 has got you covered for your round, without breaking the bank. Made for a higher ball flight, the unique urethane cover in a 2-piece golf ball helps your short game as much as your distance off the tee. The feel is excellent […]

Bridgestone Tour B330

Bridgestone Golf Ball  8.5/10 By S. Dee Davis The new Bridgestone Tour B330 features a 330 Dual Dimple cast urethane cover & a 4-piece construction that performs on the same level as Pro V1 in the distance category, but the new, patented Hydro Core Technology helps reduce spin off the tee for more accuracy. The […]

Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway Golf Ball  8.7/10 By S. Dee Davis Introduced in December 2014, the new Callaway Chrome Soft takes our top spot for great new innovation for the mid-$30 price point golf ball that delivers exceptional all-a-round performance. The Chrome Soft is a three-piece construction, 65-compression, urethane cover golf ball that feels softer, but delivers maximum […]

TaylorMade Aeroburner Pro

TaylorMade Golf Ball  8.5/10 By S. Dee Davis The new TaylorMade Aeroburner Pro ($27/dozen) is engineered to explode off the face faster, stay in the air longer and go flat-out farther, without skimping on feel or control. The extra speed comes from the high-energy REACT core that stores and releases energy with incredible efficiency. The […]

Callaway Speed Regime

Golf Ball  8/10 By S. Dee Davis Fit your swing speed to the ball? Cant be a bad idea and that is what the new Speed Regime ball offers. Our links below go to the moderate swing speed ball. Callaway’s contention that this will increase your performance is plausible enough. The urethane covers have a […]

Best Golf Balls

Top 10 Golf Balls By S. Dee Davis The following list of the best top ten golf balls was determined from the authors opinion using the following criteria: Consistency in length off the tee, spin control and the ability to hold greens, “feel” of the ball around greens for chipping and putting, durability, and price/value. […]

TaylorMade RocketBallz Urethane

Urethane Golf Balls  9/10 By S. Dee Davis Wow, a 3-layer golf ball with tons of great technology available at Amazon for $24 bucks a dozen and free shipping. That’s a smoking deal and why this ball is our Best Value pick. For plus 8 to 20 handicappers this ball is a great choice. The […]

More Golf Balls

Titleist Velocity  7.5/10 2 layer construction cover: NaZ2 (blend) $32 to $35 /dozen     Titleist’s newest entry into the golf ball market – the Velocity has a couple of new technologies to respond to tough new competition from Bridgestone, … read more Bridgestone e5  7.5/10 Price Range: $35 to $45 per dozen     […]

Buy the Right Golf Ball to Lower Your Golf Handicap

By S. Dee Davis Matching your swing speed to the golf ball may be one way to increase distance and lower your handicap. Almost all golf balls are made by their respective manufacturers to target golfers of certain ability levels. One of the best ways to know your ability level is swing speed and it […]

Bridgestone B330-RXS Golf Ball Review

Dual Dimple Design, Tour Spin  8/10 By S. Dee Davis What’s cool about this ball (and some of Bridgestone’s others) is that the company really makes an effort to tell you exactly where this ball fits in to the golfers goals in terms of swing speed, spin and level. The B330RXS is optimized for under […]

Titleist Velocity First Look Review

Velocity Golf Ball Review (New)  7.5/10 By S. Dee Davis Titleist’s newest entry into the golf ball market – the Velocity has a couple of new technologies to respond to tough new competition from Bridgestone, TaylorMade and Callaway. The new LSX core technology combined with the NaZ2 cover are designed to give the ball some […]

TaylorMade Penta TP5 Review

Golf Ball  8.5/10 By S. Dee Davis Taylor has made what I would call a high end value ball with the TP5 for 2014. This is a 5 layer ball that does a good job of handling spin from various club segments – more spin for longer irons and medium spin on the Driver and […]

TaylorMade Burner Ball

2-Layer Golf Balls 8/10 By S. Dee Davis At $13 a dozen for the yellow, or $15 a dozen for the white, the Taylor Made Burner ball is still our #1 Budget ball. Great ball for higher handicappers. This two layer ball will surprise you with its soft feel around the greens and off the […]