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More Golf Balls

2 layer construction
cover: NaZ2 (blend)
$32 to $35 /dozen

Titleist’s newest entry into the golf ball market – the Velocity has a couple of new technologies to respond to tough new competition from Bridgestone, … read more
Bridgestone e5  7.5/10

Price Range: $35 to $45
per dozen

Though a very good value price point, the Bridgestone e5 Golf Ball has great distance off the tee and isnt bad around the greens either. It has 330 dimples with an unusual dual dimple design … read more

Price Range: $26 – $35
per dozen

This ball was once a competitor to the best balls on tour. It has an impressive 378 dimples and 4 layer construction (the Tour Distance ball has 3 layer construction). It contains a soft seamless outer … read more
Maxfli Tour  7.5/10

Price Range: $39 to $58
per dozen

The Maxfli Tour ball is designed to keep the ball in the air the longest possible time by reducing spin through an advanced dimple design that Maxfli is known for and has … read more

Price Range: $26 – $35
per dozen

This is a budget, well constructed ball with a very nice cast urethane synthetic cover. It’s wrapped in a low compression 3 piece construction with only a 75 compression rating … read more

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