Callaway Speed Regime

Golf Ball  8/10


Callaway Speed RegimeFit your swing speed to the ball? Cant be a bad idea and that is what the new Speed Regime ball offers. Our links below go to the moderate swing speed ball. Callaway’s contention that this will increase your performance is plausible enough. The urethane covers have a tour soft feel and are engineered to attempt to separate low driver spin from higher spin needs around the green. I dont know how a golf ball can know these things, but I’m willing to give it a try. The moderate ball is engineered for swing speeds of 90mph and below. The HEX pattern is engineered specifically to optimize low speed lift with long, stable, penetrating ball flights.


Soft inner core for low spin with driver creating distance

firmer outer core creates more spin on shorter irons

Taylored to fit your swing speed




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