TaylorMade Burner Ball

2-Layer Golf Balls 8/10


TaylorMade Burner Ball 2012At $13 a dozen for the yellow, or $15 a dozen for the white, the Taylor Made Burner ball is still our #1 Budget ball. Great ball for higher handicappers. This two layer ball will surprise you with its soft feel around the greens and off the putter face and yet very long carry off the tee and with long irons. At least that was the impact it had on me during a recent golf trip. I was very impressed and put aside my ProV1x for much of the time after “locating” one of these balls in the woods. It has a new core (REACT) and (Iothane) cover which I found surprisingly responsive for this price point ball. Speaking of price points, try $21 per dozen for a great value. Remember how soft the Noodle was? Well, this Iothane cover is a flow through technology from that ball and while I did find the cover just as soft, the distance seems a lot better.

Technical Specs

  • Relentless durability and distance at an awesome value
  • Durable iothane cover lasts and lasts – use it till you lose it
  • Low-drag aerodynamics promotes maximum lift for added carry and distance
  • React core engineered to promote fast ball speed for awesome yardage


Surprisingly long off tee and long irons

Very soft Iothane cover is responsive

Great Value

Handicap Sweet spot for this ball: 5 to 10


Spin control with shorter irons

Controlling distances with shorter irons


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