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Sony Ericsson E10IEURD Review

Smartphone  7/10 By Steve Holdgren For a small, lightweight smartphone, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 has all the basic features you’d expect without all the bells and whistles. Yes, you can pull up Facebook, watch YouTube videos, listen to FM radio, and use GPS. Just remember that the LCD screen is small and you’re not […]

Samsung I9250 Review

Smartphone  7.5/10 By Steve Holdgren The Samsung Galaxy Nexus doesn’t disappoint with its large 4.6-inch touch display, which features bright, sharp, vivid colors. The menus and apps are easy to navigate and the controls quite intuitive. We appreciated being able to adjust the text size and font as you’re browsing the web, and you can […]

Motorola RAZR Review

Smartphone  8/10 By Steve Holdgren We were astounded when we saw how thin this Motorola Droid Razr phone is at just 0.3 inches. Ultra-light, yet durable, it has a smooth Kevlar backing and a special coating that safeguards it against light water splashes. While it’s long, it fits comfortably in the pocket and slides out […]

Nokia N9 Review

Smartphone  8.5/10 By Steve Holdgren The Nokia N9 features a handy “swiping” system that lets you close or switch between apps with the swipe of a finger. It’s never been easier to return to the home screen. The Nokia N9 offers a quick tutorial on how to operate the touchscreen, but really the user interface […]

Samsung Epic Touch Review

Smartphone  8.5/10 By Steve Holdgren The Samsung Epic Touch, like the Samsung Galaxy S II, is an ultra thin smartphone with incredible 4G capabilities. Its 4.52-inch display is stunningly large and bright, although we noticed that the text has a big of graininess to it. However, the AMOLED display is visible even in sunlight and […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket Review

Smartphone  8.5/10 By Steve Holdgren The Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket runs on AT&T’s 4G LTE network, which unfortunately isn’t available in every city yet. However, if your hometown allows it, you’ll be more than satisfied with the Skyrocket smartphone, which sports a brilliant 4.5-inch display with sharp, vividly colored images. The 8 MP camera […]

Samsung Galaxy Prevail Review

Smartphone  8.5/10 By Steve Holdgren Want a decent, attractive smartphone without all the hassle of expensive carrier contracts? The Samsung Galaxy Prevail lets you adjust your plan on a month-to-month basis if you so desire; the phone itself is fairly priced at $149.99. The 3.2-inch display doesn’t have the sharpest resolution (it’s 480 x 320p), […]

Apple iPhone 4S Review

Smartphone  9/10 By Steve Holdgren Everyone always clamors over the latest Apple product, and with the iPhone 4S they have good reason. The 64 GB black iPhone 4S for Sprint features a terrific camera that produces sharper images than the previous iPhone 4 and lets you edit the photos from the phone. The touchscreen responsiveness […]

HTC Rezound Review

Smartphone  9.5/10 By Steve Holdgren Whether you need a phone for business or personal use, the HTC Rezound is a top choice. Its 4.3-inch display is brilliantly sharp, allowing you to view HD videos and photos in fine detail. There’s a camera on the back and one on the front so you can view yourself […]