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HTC Rezound Review

Smartphone  9.5/10


HTC Rezound Review: 4G Android Phone for Verizon Wireless
Whether you need a phone for business or personal use, the HTC Rezound is a top choice. Its 4.3-inch display is brilliantly sharp, allowing you to view HD videos and photos in fine detail. There’s a camera on the back and one on the front so you can view yourself when you take self-portraits. One of the nicest features of the HTC Rezound, however, is the Beats Audio technology, which enhances the sound quality of your music. You’ll appreciate the deep, booming bass, rich middles, and clear highs of your favorite songs. The phone comes with a special pair of Beats earbuds. If the $199 smartphone is slightly bulky and heavy, it makes up for the fact with its sharp design and plethora of features.


HD display has extra-sharp 720p quality

Includes 2 cameras, including a front-facing one so you can take self-portraits

Beats Audio technology allows for excellent studio quality sound

Allows for 6.75 hours of talking per charge; 10.9 days of standby time

Provides GPS

Its 4G capabilities are much faster than 3G; lets you surf the web and stream HD movies effortlessly


Bulky in size

Can’t snap pictures very quickly

May keep you tethered to the charger because of the battery life

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