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Sony Ericsson E10IEURD Review

Smartphone  7/10


Sony Ericsson E10IEURD Review: XPERIA X10 Unlocked Smartphone with 5 MP Camera
For a small, lightweight smartphone, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 has all the basic features you’d expect without all the bells and whistles. Yes, you can pull up Facebook, watch YouTube videos, listen to FM radio, and use GPS. Just remember that the LCD screen is small and you’re not going to get the clearest shots with the 5 MP camera. However, we were satisfied with the overall design and the fast responsiveness of the touchscreen. You can still view it even in bright sunlight, and it’s easy to flip through the screens. For $134.81, it’s a capable, functional phone with an attractive, user-friendly design.



Includes GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Google Talk

Features include music track recognition, YouTube, Facebook, a document viewer, and FM radio

Still visible in bright sunlight

Nice audio

Small and lightweight


Short battery life

Screen resolution isn’t the highest quality

Music storage features are rudimentary


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