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Apple iPhone 4S Review

Smartphone  9/10


Apple iPhone 4S Review: 64 GB Black Smartphone for Sprint
Everyone always clamors over the latest Apple product, and with the iPhone 4S they have good reason. The 64 GB black iPhone 4S for Sprint features a terrific camera that produces sharper images than the previous iPhone 4 and lets you edit the photos from the phone. The touchscreen responsiveness is as sharp as you could hope for. The biggest attraction of the 4S is Siri, the personal assistant who speaks in a female voice, recognizes your spoken questions, and answers back with remarkable helpfulness. The next time you need to find a certain restaurant or hail a cab, Siri is there to pull up whatever information you need. The iPhone 4S is available starting at $399.


Voice assistant Siri answers all your questions

8 MP camera focuses on faces, reduces blurs, and handles low light well

Fast, responsive touchscreen

Splits your music and videos into 2 files

Shoots HD videos in 1080p resolution at 30 fps

Fits comfortably in the hand


Display hasn’t gotten any larger since the first iPhone

Included earbuds aren’t the highest quality

Lacks 4G


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