Nike ONE Tour and Tour Distance Golf Ball Review

Golf Ball  8/10


Nike ONE Tour and Tour Distance Golf BallThis ball was once a competitor to the best balls on tour. It has an impressive 378 dimples and 4 layer construction (the Tour Distance ball has 3 layer construction). It contains a soft seamless outer cover and is a top ball in distance, control and feel. Yet for all this, it has been passed over by Nike for the newer technologies encompassed in the next generation like the 20XI-X. This leaves an excellent golf ball at a great price. We can only hope that Nike keeps producing this ball and selling it at this price because I would not hesitate to fill my range bag with these at the $26 level and that’s excactly where some retailers are selling them now.

Price $26 – $35 (originally $58)


Great technology in a versatile ball


Price at these discount levels is incredible for this ball


Some think the outer cover is too hard

Does not have the latest greatest core technology


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