A Blender Brand Comparison: Vitamix Vs. Blendtec

A Blender Brand Comparison: Vitamix Vs. Blendtec

Two of the biggest brand names when it comes to blenders are Vitamix and Blendtec. The reason these two brands are also the most expensive is because they offer such versatility and performance. Not only can their blenders crush ice and make smoothies, but they are equipped to prepare complicated sauces and soups. The powerful blades create enough friction to heat these dishes up without a microwave or stove!

Because Vitamix and Blendtec are the top competing brands, it’s valuable to compare some of their finer points and features.


Supplying blenders at the highest end of the price spectrum, up to $600, Vitamix models are suitable for commercial use as well as in your home. Some of their obvious benefits come down to size, power, and control options. Consider the following facts:

  • Vitamix blenders typically feature an extra-large blending jar of 64 ounces, or half a gallon. That’s more than enough space to mix up large portions of soups, sauces, smoothies, and dressings.
  • The horsepower of Vitamix motors is staggering. With a 2 HP motor, a blender’s blades can reach up to 29,000 rpm, which is fast enough to pulverize anything that comes in its path.
  • Vitamix blenders have preprogrammed settings that automatically get the best blending results for soups, smoothies, and frozen treats. These one-touch controls take the guesswork out of preparing the most popular blended dishes.

Additional bonus features typically include a recipe book and a DVD with instructions and tips. A 7-year warranty guarantees your satisfaction with the appliance.

Of course, there are always a couple downsides to any product. With such a powerful motor, for instance, a Vitamix blender is very loud at the highest speed setting. While this is an aggravating element, it thankfully doesn’t last long because the blender mixes foods so quickly. The newest models are also quite large and too tall to fit under low-hanging cabinets. You may have to store it in a cabinet or leave the jar sitting next to the base.


Blendtec blenders are also expensive, generally in the $500 range, but they offer so many purposes and functions to justify the high cost. Professional chefs appreciate the series’ features, as do amateur gourmands at home. Blendtec’s primary attributes are durability, power, and precision. For instance:

  • With strong, durable stainless steel blades, Blendtec blenders can grind hard stuff like coffee beans and ice without wearing down over time.
  • At the same time, the blenders can handle the precise control needed to make fine gourmet soups and sauces.
  • Functioning as food processors as well as blenders with 1,500-watt motors and 10 speeds, Blendtec models are even capable of kneading dough.

Some models, like the Blendtec TB-621-20, have the additional bonus of an automatic shut-off feature that stops the blades when the preprogrammed cycle is complete. This feature gives you the freedom to move around the kitchen instead of hovering over the blender while it works. Blendtec blenders also come with a recipe book, user instructions, and three-year warranties.

As with Vitamix, the Blendtec models have such powerful motors that they also make an incredible roar. This factor could pose a problem if you like to entertain at night or have sleeping family members nearby. However, you can’t discount the Blendtec series’ impressive ability to grind, pulverize, and liquefy nearly anything.

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