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Blendtec TB-621-20 Review

Professional Series Blender  9/10


Blendtec TB-621-20With a powerful 3 horsepower direct-drive motor, this Blendtec blender thoroughly blends and crushes food with stainless steel blades moving at 29,000 rpm. One of the most convenient features about this blender is that it automatically shuts off at the end of its preprogrammed cycles so you can leave the room while it’s running. An attractive black base and square polycarbonate jar make this a visually appealing model small enough to fit under most cabinets. While we were highly impressed with this Blendtec blender’s quick and thorough performance, we noted that it’s very noisy. However, for $434, it’s a superior model with impressive features.


1,560-watt blender mixes food at 29,000 rpm

2-prong stainless steel blades thoroughly pulverize ice

Auto shut-off feature when blender finishes its preprogrammed cycle

Large-sized square blending jar holds a generous amount of ingredients

Fits under standard cabinets


Very loud in operation

Polycarbonate container not impervious to scratches


Brittany Rowland Brittany Rowland researches new developments in Appliances, Kitchen and CE products features with a vigor to which few would aspire… but someone has to do it. See more about Brittany


Blendtec Home Blender in Black – $401.99

Retail Price: $411.99
You Save: $10.00