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Vitamix 1363 Review

Professional Bar Blender  8.5/10


Vitamix 1363Like many heavy-duty blenders on the market today, this Vitamix model is loud on the highest setting, but it almost doesn’t matter because it thoroughly mixes food in just a minute or two with the 2+ horsepower motor. The jar’s design creates a vortex that pulls food down to the blades and back up again, leaving no parts untouched. Ice is no match for the laser-cut stainless steel blades, which don’t rust or become dull over time. As an added safety feature, the blender automatically shuts off if the motor becomes overheated from an overloaded container. At $498, this Vitamix blender is a serious player.


Adjustable speed settings with the highest moving blades 240 mph

Durable metal construction and dull-proof stainless steel blades

Safety shut-off feature prevents overloaded container from straining the motor

Recipes and instructional DVD included

BPA-free container is shatterproof


Loud during operation


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