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Why 7″ tablets are perfect


Tablets aren’t a new phenomena, in fact they have existed for longer then you think. Only since the release of the iPad have we seen a peak interest…okay an explosion in tablet interest. With most tablets being 10″ plus – they were big and lunky. If technology told us anything though, it’s that technology knows how to shrink itself, and become more powerful.

Enter the 7″ tablet. The 7″ tablet is the next big thing. The tablets with screens over 10 inches are big and spacious, nice for movies and such. But not really portable. I can’t hold them in one hand and do everything with that hand. Yet pick up a 7″ tablet and you can treat it like a paperback book.

What makes this so great? It’s the perfect compromise, if you would even call it that. A smartphone with a 3″/4″ screen is small and powerful, it’s nice for certain menial tasks, but watching a movie and playing games on it isn’t something that’s really enjoyable. A 10″+ tablet is a HUGE screen and though it can be nice for movies and games, it’s not really portable and is awkward to hold. Give us a middle ground!

The 7″ tablet makes up the best of both worlds, AND is more powerful. This is the perfect sized technology to take on the go, yet still have a screen big enough to watch movies comfortably and perform many other tasks without squinting or having to use 2 hands.

With new 7″ tablets popping up left and right: The Nexus 7, Kindle Fire HD, Nook, and soon to be Apple iPad “Mini” – you don’t want to miss out on the perfect tablet. A 7″ tablet is what you should be looking at!

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