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Why 7" tablets are perfect

Why 7″ tablets are perfect

By Jon Bannister Tablets aren’t a new phenomena, in fact they have existed for longer then you think. Only since the release of the iPad have we seen a peak interest…okay an explosion in tablet interest. With most tablets being 10″ plus – they were big and lunky. If technology told us anything though, it’s […]

7" Tablet Buying Guide

7″ Tablet Buying Guide

By Jon Bannister Picking the right 7” tablet isn’t a hard decision, the market for a quality 7” tablet is pretty small, with just a few home run tablets that are on top of the market now. It does offer room for some cheaper versions, but usually for the increased price of another $100 or […]

Best 7” Tablet

Best 7” Tablet

Top 10 Rated 7″ Tablets By Jon Bannister The time of the tablet is here – though they have been out for a while they are huge on the market now and everyone wants one. Companies have had plenty of time to roll out tablets and get a feel for what people want. Some of […]