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7″ Tablet Buying Guide


Picking the right 7” tablet isn’t a hard decision, the market for a quality 7” tablet is pretty small, with just a few home run tablets that are on top of the market now. It does offer room for some cheaper versions, but usually for the increased price of another $100 or so, you can get a really really good tablet.

Here is what you should look for:


Right now one of the best Tablets, the Nexus 7 is priced as $199 fresh out the gate. This has caused other $400 tablets, to drop their prices to match it. With others such as the Kindle Fire HD and Samsung’s tablet at the same range – expect to pay $199 – $250 for a GREAT 7” tablet. Anything more, and you payed too much, anything less and you will be in the entry level of tablets. Most 8GB 7”s will go for $199, while a 16GB would normally go for the pricier $250. Do you need all the extra space or would you be fine with cloud stroage? Is the tablet expandable via microSD or is the internal hard drive all the space you get?


¾ of the tablets right now run Android, the other micro percentages running either Apple OS (iPad, no 7” version), Blackberry OS, or some customization of Android. That being said, make sure your Tablet is running one of the most recent version of Android, code named Jellybean or Ice Cream Sandwich. See if your Tablet is upgradable as well. The newer versions provide some of the best experiences ever. Something like Blackberry OS on the Blackberry Playbook, would probably only appeal to a Blackberry phone user. Look up Youtube videos of the different OS’s in action to see which looks the best for you.


Most tablets with 3G/4G connectivity will instantly shoot the price up another $100 or $200. To us, it’s just not worth it to shell out that much more when Wi-Fi is available pretty much anywhere. All tablets listed on here have WiFi – be sure yours does to. If you want 3G/4G , be prepared to pay a couple hundred more, on-top of any carrier fees from a phone/internet company. Remember, this is a tablet, not a phone. Do you really need the 3G/4G, or could you suffice with just Wi-Fi for the cheaper price? Up to you!

HD/Screen Size

Just because a tablet has “HD Playback” doesn’t mean you are getting a true HD playback experience. True HD is 1280×720 or above, if a tablet has anything less in width or height, you are not getting the best playback for HD content. Since HD content is either in 1280×720, or 1920×1080 – scaling that down to anything less then 720P will result in not the greatest playback. So make sure to see if the screens resolution is bigger then 1280×720 (IE: Nexus has 1280×800, this is HD perfect!) – It makes all the difference, trust me!


This pretty much relates to the OS part. Android apps are available on a variety of platforms. For example, the Kindle uses the Amazon Android Marketplace, the Nexus uses Google Plays Marketplace, and the Blackberry uses the Blackberry Store Front. All Android Apps aren’t created equal. Check and see where Apps are boughten from on your speced out device. Everything isn’t centralized like on the iPad which uses just the iTunes store. We found that the Google Play store has a huge amount of Android Apps, which is available on the Nexus. Second would be Amazons App store available on the Kindle Fire HD.

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