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Top 10 Rated Casserole Containers 2014


Nothing says comfort food like a rich, hot casserole. We looked at a number of casserole containers, both glass and stoneware, and found 10 that we believe do a superior job of baking casseroles, lasagna, bread, and other meals. We looked for the following qualities:

1. Safe to go in the oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher
2. Easy-grip handles
3. A secure fitting lid to seal in heat and moisture
4. Durable surface that doesn’t stain, chip, or crack
5. Nonporous material that doesn’t absorb odors or flavors
6. Pre-seasoned
7. Non-sticking
8. Even heat distribution

16-cup capacity
7 pounds
9” x 13”

Baking lasagna and casserole is easy with this Rada Cutlery rectangular pan, measuring 9” x 13”. Its tough stoneware surface is naturally stick-resistant…
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1 ¼-quart capacity; bonus baker has a 16-ounce capacity
9 pounds
10 ½” x 7” rectangular baker and 7” x 5” bonus baker

You’ll appreciate these Le Creuset stoneware bakers when you want to prepare lasagna or cobbler for the family dinner. Rectangular and somewhat small…
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5-quart capacity
15 pounds
10 ¼” x 13” x 5 ½”

You’ll be amazed at how well this Lodge Double Dutch oven and casserole cooks and heats food. The 1.5-inch-deep lid doubles as a skillet…
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3-quart capacity
16 pounds
11 ¾” diameter, 2 1/8” deep

With the lid sealing tight over this cast-iron casserole, the heat is effectively trapped within, warming everything inside. That’s one of the benefits…
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9 pounds
9” x 13”

This rectangular stoneware bake pan from Rachael Ray features a fun, contemporary style: curved sides and wide handles that extend from the ends…
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5 ¾-quart capacity
12 pounds
11” x 16” x 7”

A sturdy, covered oval casserole from Le Creuset, this stoneware dish holds a tremendous 5 ¾ quarts of your favorite meals. Tough and resistant to stains…
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2 ¾-quart capacity
9 pounds
13” x 8” x 13”

Rachael Ray’s line of stoneware features whimsical, modern designs and funky colors. This 2 ¾-quart covered casserole stoneware is deep blue…
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4.5-quart capacity
3 pounds
12” x 7” x 14”

The next time you prepare a casserole for a family potluck or picnic, you’ll be pleased with the ThermaWare insulated food server…
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2-quart capacity
2 pounds
9” x 10” x 3.5”

Pyrex has long been a trusted name when it comes to bakeware, and this 2-quart casserole with a lid is a durable, all-purpose dish…
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12 ounces
1.3 pounds
4.5” x 5.2” x 3.5”

The next time you welcome in the fall, you can charm guests with this Le Creuset casserole stoneware in the shape of a pumpkin. At only 12 ounces…
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Stoneware Buying Guide

The Benefits of Cooking with Stoneware

Stoneware dishes made of fire clay harken back to the (very) old days before people started using metal pans for baking foods. Today, stoneware is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, due in part to its durability and effectiveness at heating food.

With proper care, stoneware dishes last for years and can be passed down to your children. Today’s pieces especially are built to last, with tough enamel finishes that don’t chip, crack, or break easily. Stoneware can put up with a light amount of abuse. They’re generally safe to go in the oven, microwave, freezer, and refrigerator. You can even wash them in the dishwasher.

Tough and nonporous…

Unlike earthenware, stoneware is clay fired at extremely high temperatures, about 2,185 degrees F, making them incredibly strong. Stoneware dishes also feature nonporous surfaces, which is good because they don’t stain or absorb odors and flavors. Also, unlike earthenware, stoneware is essentially waterproof. It can stand up to regular, day-to-day use.

A seasoned, non-stick surface…

Some stoneware dishes come pre-seasoned with oil, but even if they don’t you can season them yourself periodically. Over time and multiple uses, the stoneware interior will turn a rich brown and the surface will absorb the oils and fats found in food and cooking spray. Your stoneware will naturally develop a non-stick surface, so you don’t have to worry about stuck-on foods.

If you choose to clean by hand…

If a stoneware dish isn’t specified as dishwasher friendly, you can easily clean it by hand with a nylon scraper. Some people don’t recommend soaking them in water or using soap for fear of the detergent being absorbed into the surface. A scraper can work off baked-on food before you clean it with running water and thoroughly dry it with a towel.

While most stoneware dishes sold these days are dishwasher safe, some people are set in their ways and prefer to clean them by hand. There is something to say for preserving the enamel finish.

The aesthetic appeal…

Let’s not forget that stoneware is essentially pottery. You can find pieces in decorative shapes and colors, some with painted patterns that add charm and beauty to your kitchen. Because they’re so attractive, you can take stoneware dishes right out of the oven and place them right on the dinner table.

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