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Best French Door Refrigerators

Top 10 Rated French Door Refrigerators By John E. Moore Refrigerators with French doors and bottom freezers combine style with function. While this style typically comes with a higher price tag, it also provides the advantage of arraying your food selection at eye-level. As we looked at various French door, bottom freezer refrigerators, we considered […]

Best Blu-Ray Players

Top 10 Rated Blu-Ray Players By Steve Holdgren Blu-Ray players are becoming increasingly more advanced while not surging to ridiculously high prices. Several new models coming out in 2015 offer smart TV viewing options, with the ability to search for movies, apps, and entertainment sites. We selected 10 of the best Blu-Ray players that showed […]

Best Booster Seats

Top 10 Rated Booster Seats By Valerie Baldowski Picking out the right booster seat involves making multiple decisions based on what you’re looking for in a child restraint system. We reviewed a number of boosters and selected our favorites based on what parents and caregivers value the most. 1. Lightweight and easy to transfer from […]

Best Baby Monitors

Top 10 Rated Baby Monitors By Brittany Rowland As we surveyed the wide selection of baby monitors available on the market, we kept the following important qualities in mind: 1. Wide range 2. Secure, interference-free channels 3. Clear reception 4. Low battery/out of range indicators 5. Ample battery life 6. Minimal static 7. Two-way audio […]

Best iPad and Tablet Accessories

Top 10 Rated iPad and Tablet Accessories Apple iPads and other tablets are all the rage, and owners are always looking for accessories that make the tablet experience even greater. We examined several accessories—from protective cases and stylus pens to card readers and cleaning cloths—and picked our top 10 based on the following qualities: 1. […]

Best HDTVs

Top 10 Rated HDTVs By Steve Holdgren Our expert TV editors pull together the Top 10 most impressive best quality HDTVs for 2013. Editors noted several factors in helping them decide which HDTVs to include in the list including: 1. Black Level Depth 2. Side Angle Viewing Quality 3. Clarity and Clearness of Images on […]

Best Pressure Washer

Top 10 Rated Pressure Washers By Brittany Rowland Pressure washers are an essential tool for keeping the outside of your home clean. Made for blasting through grime on cars, boats, driveways, grills, and house sidings, a pressure washer carries exponentially more power than a regular garden hose. As we compiled our top 10 list for […]

Best Casserole Containers

Top 10 Rated Casserole Containers By Brittany Rowland Nothing says comfort food like a rich, hot casserole. We looked at a number of casserole containers, both glass and stoneware, and found 10 that we believe do a superior job of baking casseroles, lasagna, bread, and other meals. We looked for the following qualities: 1. Safe […]

Best Cookware Sets

Top 10 Rated Cookware Sets By Brittany Rowland Cookware pieces come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Some of the most common and popular materials for pots and pans are stainless steel and hard anodized aluminum with a non-stick surface. We looked at a number of cookware sets and selected our top 10 […]

Best Golf Balls

Top 10 Golf Balls By S. Dee Davis The following list of the best top ten golf balls was determined from the authors opinion using the following criteria: Consistency in length off the tee, spin control and the ability to hold greens, “feel” of the ball around greens for chipping and putting, durability, and price/value. […]

Best Headphones

Top 10 Rated Headphones By Steve Holdgren If you’re an audiophile who wants to enjoy the full richness of sound, then you need a good set of headphones. We looked at a number of headphones and selected our 10 favorites based on several factors: 1. Comfortable wearing even for extended periods of time 2. Clear, […]

Best HD Camcorders

Top 10 Rated HD Camcorders By Brian Jones We are surrounded by devices that are capable of taking video today. We always have our smart phones or our digital cameras with us. These things may be great alternative to taking video when an unexpected event comes up, but nothing will beat a device dedicated to […]

Best Women’s Tennis Racquet

Top 10 Rated Tennis Racquets for Women By Brittany Rowland Tennis is a sport that can be learned and mastered in youth and carried on for a lifetime. If you’re a woman looking for the tennis racquet that’s just right for you, then this guide may help you find what you need. Be aware of […]

Best Golf Bags

Top 10 Rated Golf Bags By S. Dee Davis Following are our top 10 Golf Bag choices based on the following criteria: 1. Durability 2. Price 3. Stability of Stand 4. Access and Organization 5. Extra Pockets for Accessories 6. Comfort of Harness strap Ogio Golf Stand Bag  9/10 10 inch, 6-way top $189 Four […]

Best PS3 Exclusive Games

Top 10 Rated PS3 Exclusive Games By Jon Bannister The Playstation 3 is old, real old. Released on November 17th in 2006, it is 6 years old and has seen a lot in its long run. Exclusive titles that define the system as well as the Sony Brand. It’s no doubt titles such as Call […]

Best Compact Cameras

Top 10 Rated Compact Digital Cameras By Brian Jones As we chose the top 10 compact digital cameras, we considered a number of factors that set the winners apart from the rest. These qualities include: 1. Number of megapixels to produce sharp, detailed images 2. Optical zoom that doesn’t degrade the picture quality 3. Lightweight, […]