Best 24″ and 27″ Wall Ovens

Top 10 Rated 24″ and 27″ Wall Ovens 2014


Wall ovens are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional range units because of their compact size. Most wall ovens are either 24” or 27” wide, and they are powered by either gas or electric. As we examined wall ovens for our top 10 list, we considered many important factors that determine quality and performance:

1. Ease of cleaning
2. Capacity
3. Adjustable racks
4. Style
5. Ease of programming
6. Fast, even baking
7. Convection baking with automatic time conversion

Double electric oven
4.2 cu. ft. per oven
Convection baking
Telescopic rack
14 cooking modes

Thermador’s 27” double electric wall oven has a tremendous capacity for both ovens: 4.2 cu. ft. That’s more than enough space for preparing those big holiday dinners for guests and family. Six adjustable rack levels…
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Electric single oven
4.3 cu. ft.
Stainless steel, black, white
6 racks positions
Steam Self-cleaning

This single wall oven from Whirlpool is sure to satisfy the cooking and baking needs for an average household. The generous 4.3 cu. ft capacity is plenty for all sorts of dinners…read more

GE JGRP20  9/10

Single gas wall oven
2.8 cu. ft. capacity
Black, white, stainless steel
2 racks

For a 24” wall oven, this GE gas model has a surprisingly spacious interior at 2.8 cu. ft. While there’s no convection baking, the oven cooks dishes evenly and efficiently…
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Electric combination microwave wall oven
Black, white, stainless steel
3.7 cu. ft. capacity
Convection baking
3 racks

This 27” combination wall oven and microwave from KitchenAid saves you space while giving you the benefits of both microwaving and…
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3.8 cu. ft. capacity
Single electric wall oven
Glass touch display
3 racks

A single wall oven from KitchenAid with a sophisticated style, this electric wall oven offers a spacious interior. With three oven racks, you have flexibility…
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Fagor 5HA200RX  8.5/10

Electric single oven
Stainless steel
1.8 cu. ft.
8 cooking programs
Right-hinged door
Telescopic racks

Fagor’s 24” European convection wall oven is perfect for homes with small kitchens. The door swings sideways with hinges on the right, giving you …
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Double electric wall oven
3.5 cu. ft. capacity per oven
Black, white, stainless steel
4 racks

Even though this 27” double wall oven from Frigidaire is narrow and has only 3.5 cu. ft. per oven, it still provides adequate space for the small kitchen…
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3.2 cu. ft. capacity
Single gas wall oven
Black, white, and stainless steel
Touchpad controls

A compact single gas wall oven from Frigidaire, this model offers adequate capacity with 3.2 cu. ft. It’s a basic, no frills oven, which also means it’s more affordable…
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Wall Ovens Buying Guide

Gas vs. Electric Wall Ovens

Wall ovens are becoming increasingly popular, but many consumers are still torn on the gas vs. electric issue. Today both styles offer similar performance, so which one you choose depends largely on your preference and the kind of hook-up you have in your home.

Gas Pros

  • Retains the moisture in the food
  • Cooks efficiently

Gas Cons

  • Generally more expensive
  • Less selection
  • Requires a gas line and venting to the outside

Electric Pros

  • Less expensive initial price
  • Greater capacity
  • Greater selection to choose from

Electric Cons

  • Needs a 230/240 V connection to operate
  • Operating cost can vary based on electricity rates
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