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Best Casserole Containers

Best Casserole Containers

Top 10 Rated Casserole Containers By Brittany Rowland Nothing says comfort food like a rich, hot casserole. We looked at a number of casserole containers, both glass and stoneware, and found 10 that we believe do a superior job of baking casseroles, lasagna, bread, and other meals. We looked for the following qualities: 1. Safe […]

3 Tips for Maintaining a Dutch Oven

3 Tips for Maintaining a Dutch Oven

By Brittany Rowland A Dutch oven, or a large covered pot of some heavy material like cast iron, is a versatile tool for cooking casseroles, stews, roasts, and other big meals. The thick-walled cooking vessel has been a time-tested tool for several centuries. While the old-fashioned kind used for hundreds of years featured thick, sturdy […]

Tips for Baking and Serving Casseroles

Tips for Baking and Serving Casseroles

The casserole has long been a favorite American dish, even though the word is French in origin. Casseroles are easy to bake because you simply add all the ingredients to a casserole pan and bake it in the oven. They come out hot and ready to serve. You know that friends and relatives bring casseroles […]

Cuisinart CI1136-24CR

Chef’s Classic Enameled Cast Iron 14-Inch Roasting/Lasagna Pan  7.5/10 By Brittany Rowland If you’re looking for a durable, heavy-duty casserole dish that’s sure to last for years, then consider the Cuisinart CI1136-24CR, a fourteen-inch casserole in a vibrant cardinal red that can go straight from the oven to the dining room table. Made of a […]

Pyrex 6001024

2-Quart Casserole Bakeware with Lid  7.5/10 By Brittany Rowland Pyrex has long been a trusted name when it comes to bakeware, and this 2-quart casserole with a lid is a durable, all-purpose dish. It cooks dishes like lasagnas and cobblers evenly and efficiently. With the lid on, you can reheat meals in the microwave without […]

BIA Cordon Bleu 400585+727

Wavy Red 3-Quart Rectangle Baker  8/10 By Brittany Rowland With a unique wavy design, the BIA Cordon Bleu 400585+727 will add some flair and vibrancy to your kitchen table. It’s attractive enough to go from the oven to the kitchen table as a serving dish, holding a hearty lasagna or casserole. The protruding handles makes […]

Rachael Ray 55225

2 ¾-Quart Bubble & Brown Casserole Stoneware  8.5/10 By Brittany Rowland Rachael Ray’s line of stoneware features whimsical, modern designs and funky colors. This 2 ¾-quart covered casserole stoneware is deep blue and has an elegantly curved body with wide handles that look like wings. You can get a good grip on the stoneware dish […]

CorningWare 1092037

Ceramic 2-1/2-Quart Green Casserole with Cover   8.5/10 By Brittany Rowland Functional and attractive, the CorningWare 1092037 is a welcome addition to any kitchen and a thoughtful housewarming gift. With a fresh green color, rounded design, glass lid, and flared lip with handles, it’s easy to see why this is a popular casserole container. We […]

Rachael Ray 55052

9” x 13” Rectangular Stoneware Bake Pan   9/10 By Brittany Rowland This rectangular stoneware bake pan from Rachael Ray features a fun, contemporary style: curved sides and wide handles that extend from the ends like wings. You can grip the pan easily even when you’re wearing oven mitts. The pan is safe to use […]

Lodge Color

Caribbean Blue Enameled Covered Casserole in Cast Iron   9/10 By Brittany Rowland With the lid sealing tight over this cast-iron casserole, the heat is effectively trapped within, warming everything inside. That’s one of the benefits of this Lodge Color 3-quart covered casserole dish. The cool Caribbean blue color also makes it an attractive serving […]

Lodge L8DD3

5-Quart Cast-Iron Double Dutch Oven and Casserole  9/10 By Brittany Rowland You’ll be amazed at how well this Lodge Double Dutch oven and casserole cooks and heats food. The 1.5-inch-deep lid doubles as a skillet, allowing you to cook food and keep it hot for over an hour. The casserole dish, extra deep at 4 […]

Pyrex 1085801

Easy Grab 2-Quart Casserole with Glass Cover  9/10 By Brittany Rowland An all-purpose casserole container with a convenient glass lid, the Pyrex 1085801 is a handsome, affordable option. With a two-quart capacity, it can handle delicious meat and vegetable dishes as well as casseroles and soups. Its soft contours make for easy cleanup, too, as […]

Granite Ware 0613-4

3-Quart Covered Casserole   9.5/10 By Brittany Rowland If you’re looking for a perfect gift for a college student or a young couple, then consider the Granite Ware 0613-4, a miniature version of the traditional casserole dish. This casserole holds three quarts, which is plenty if you’re making dinner for two or preparing a small […]