Wusthof 4175 Review

Santoku Knive  9/10


Wusthof 4175 Review: 7-Inch Hollow Edge Santoku Knife
Forged in Germany with high carbon stainless steel, this Wusthof 7-inch santoku knife features a strong, resilient blade that doesn’t rust or stain. With the hollowed edge, it chops through dense and soft foods equally well, so carrot pieces won’t go flying off the cutting board anymore. The knife is designed to stay sharp for long periods of time. The handle has a nice, comfortable contour and slim shape. As with any high-quality knife, special care with washing and sharpening is required, but this santoku knife, amazingly low-priced at $69.99, is guaranteed for a lifetime.


Blade stays sharp for a long time and is stain-resistant

No-slip handle with a pebble grain surface and slim, contoured shape

Cuts and chops hard foods easily

Lifetime warranty

Durable, strong construction


Hand-washing is recommended

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