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OXO 1064650

Santoku Knife  8.5/10


OXO 1064650
If you’re looking for an agile, lightweight santoku knife for finely mincing or chopping foods, then the OXO 1064650 may be the knife for you. This six and a half inch blade is made of a strong stainless steel and is full tang for durability and balance. It rests comfortably in the hand thanks to its soft, ergonomic grip that won’t slip even if your hands get wet. And it’s extremely sharp, requiring careful handling. OXO says that the knife can go in the dishwasher, but it doesn’t recommend it. Instead, hand wash it and dry it immediately to preserve the knife’s fine edge.


Full tang for proper balance and great strength

Nonslip, ergonomic handle is comfortable to grip

Lightweight and agile

Able to mince foods very quickly and finely

Keeps its sharp edge for a long time

Great value


Doesn’t come with a sheath or box for storage

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