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Workout Plan or Personal Trainer?

We all want to be shredded, ripped, faster, stronger, or have that famous 6 pack of albs. But many of us cheat, we eat bad, don’t workout, or are not frequent. The first step in getting ripped or that 6 pack is commiting to some sort of plan. Working out alone, twice a week isn’t enough.

The health industry is over whelming and the amount of phony info out there on how to get ripped. You can lose a lot of money buying bogus supplements, workout DVD’s, books, and trainers and get no results.

Since it’s overwhelming many people resort to a personal trainer – which at it’s core can get pretty expensive. $25 – $100 a sessions, multiple times a week?! Yikes! Though you might get great results , why pay that much?

Try looking at a Workout Plan – either a DVD box set or Book. DVD sets are great and are like having a virtual personal trainer – no need to hire a real one. And save TONS of money.

$100 can get you a great 90 day workout program such as INSANITY or P90X. Check out are list of the top 10 workout plans to get started today!

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