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How to get fit with a workout plan

So you want to get fit but don’t want to pay for a personal trainer? well luckily you can be your own personal trainer. Getting on a workout plan isn’t as hard and complicated as people make it look.

I want to get fit

Now you will need a good aid to help you – a plan to follow. This is where the aid of a workout plan book or DVD set comes into play. This is your ticket to getting fit. The benefits of following one of these workout plans opposed to just making one up can be huge. 99% of workout plans are tested guaranteed to work, with effort. (no slacking)

We put together a list of some of our favorite workout plans that will get you in great shape – you can check those out here.

Picking a plan

Picking the correct workout plan really depends on your goals. They’re numerous different plans that can use to achieve different goals. Losing fat, building muscle, toning muscle, increasing endurance, increasing strength, sports training, etc.

Most beginner type workout plans such as INSANITY or P99X (don’t confuse beginner with easy!) will help you lose fat, build muscle, gain strength, and much more. So be sure to chose a plan that will hit your goals. More focused on just gaining strength? Look for a plan that focuses on strength gain/lifting weights more. Want to just lose weight? Look for a program focusing on just that.

Following the plan

Just picking the workout plan isn’t the end of it. It takes hard work, consistency, and dedication to achieve your goals. Many people simply buy a workout plan, watch it twice, and workout twice – and expect results. You need to really commit to the plan and follow it 100%.

If it has you work out 4 times a week – workout 4 times a week. If it has you doing 50 jumping jacks, do 50 jumping jacks. If it requires you to eat 3000 calories a day, eat 3000 calories a day (in healthy food) – don’t cut corners!

Will it hit diets too?

Most workout plans will include a diet plan as getting in shape leans on your diet immensely. This is probably the most important factor of your plan. You need to follow the included nutrition plan like it’s your bible.

A good workout plan such as P90X or INSANITY includes a nutrition guide and calendar to help you schedule and track your meals.

How long is it?

That depends on the workout plan and your goals. Something like INSANITY or P90X is 90 days long (3 months) – which will seem like enough. But once you complete the program, don’t be scared to go through it again. And again, and again.

Or take what you learned, and apply it to your life and live healthier!

Don’t be scared or intimidated. You can achieve your goals and the body you want if you are 100% dedicated and focused! Good luck!

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