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Wilson Staff Tour FG Golf Ball Review

Golf Ball  7/10


Wilson Staff Tour FG Golf Ball ReviewThis is a budget, well constructed ball with a very nice cast urethane synthetic cover. It’s wrapped in a low compression 3 piece construction with only a 75 compression rating – which makes it one of the softest balls on the market in 2012. Soft balls create lots of spin and lots of stick’em on the greens. Also very good feel on and around the greens. It will play and act like a much more expensive tour ball.


Feels and acts like tour ball

Maximum spin

Multilayer Construction

Very well priced


Not as long off the tee


As an avid golfer and tennis player for most of his life, he enjoys researching the latest in golf and tennis technology as well as analyzing his own game. He has been a writer and reviewer for a dozen years and his work has appeared in numerous publications including CBS, the San Fransisco Chronicle… See more about S. Dee Davis


Wilson Staff FG Tour X Personalized Golf Balls