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Waterproof Housing for Camcorders


10 RateWhile the waterproof camcorder has quickly become a popular video recording device, with more models being developed each year, you still may have trouble finding a wide selection of the devices. If you already own a camcorder but envy the waterproof camcorder’s ability to record video in rugged environments, then consider purchasing a waterproof housing for your model.

Several manufacturers offer waterproof housing for their camcorders on their websites. The clear molded plastic fits over the camcorder and seals it tight against water and dust. Some waterproof housings allow you to take the camcorder down farther than 10 feet underwater. There are a few drawbacks, naturally:

  • Not every make and model will have a waterproof housing that fits.
  • They can be expensive, some as expensive as the camcorder itself.
  • You can’t easily access all the camcorder features, like touchscreen displays.
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Once you know how much a manufacturer charges for a waterproof housing, you can determine the most cost effective decision.

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