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Counter Depth and Cabinet Depth Refrigerator Dimensions

First off, counter depth and cabinet depth are interchangeable terms and have the same meaning as far as refrigerator dimensions go. It’s just a matter of preference which term one uses. What is considered a counter depth refrigerator? Generally speaking any refrigerator of 24” or less is classified as counter depth. This does not include the door handles and may or may not include the door depth depending upon the manufacturer.

There are many varying heights for counter depth refrigerators and the height and width are what determine whether the refrigerator is classed as full size or not. A typical dimension sheet for a counter depth or cabinet 68” height, 24” deep (with or without door) , 36” Width.

This is just one example. The door depth can add lots of depth to the fridge therefore plays a critical part in how “flush” the fridge looks in your kitchen. For example, when Sub Zero lists the depth of its counter or cabinet depth refrigerators at 24” the include the door depth. When Samsung lists their depth they do so with two specifications, one with the door depth and one without. A Samsung fridge door depth at 4” will add lots of depth to the 24” deep fridge totaling 28.5” deep with the doors but without the handles. Of course, this also increases your total cu. ft. of storage capcity.

Counter Depth Diagram

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