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Riedel 9414/80 Review

Wine Glass  8/10


Riedel 9414/80 Review: O Set of 6 with 2 Bonus Cabernet Glasses
With a tremendous capacity of 21 1/8 ounces, these Riedel O Cabernet tumblers are ideal for parties. The stemless design makes them harder to accidentally knock over or break and emphasizes the gentle round curve of the bowl. Made of lead-free glass so they’re especially clear and consistent in thickness, these 8 glasses go for the price of 6: $75.59.


Stemless design makes them harder to knock over and comfortable to hold

Stunning clarity and brilliance

Dishwasher safe

Elegant rounded bowl

Suited for Cabernet and Merlot


Hard to grip if you have small hands

Delicately thin


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