Libbey 89328 Review

Wine Glass  7.5/10


Libbey 89328 Reviw: 12-Set Sociable All-Purpose Wine Goblets
Say you need some inexpensive wine glasses for an office party or large gathering, but you don’t want to worry about having enough glasses for red or white wine. With this 12-pack of all-purpose wine goblets from Libbey, you don’t have to worry anymore. A durable teardrop design guarantees they’ll hold up well, and they still look attractive enough to use for sociable gatherings. And you can’t beat the value: 12 goblets for just $18.95.


Durable construction

Attractive teardrop design

Suited for either white or red wine

Dishwasher safe

Great value

Long stem comfortable to hold



Smaller than most wine glasses


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