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Mikasa SW910-400 Review

Wine Glass  7.5/10


Mikasa SW910-400 Review: Set of 4 Etched Cheers Balloon Wine Goblets
An fun and festive set of balloon wine goblets for parties, these Mikasa Cheers glasses are made of delicate crystal and feature unique patterns etched into the bowls: horizontal lines, pinstripes, dots, and swirls. You’ll no longer have trouble telling guests’ glasses apart! The generous-sized bowls, 4 ½ inches across, hold 18 ounces of your favorite wine. The slender stems and thin rims add an air of elegance to the design. For $34.99, you’ll get a set of 4.


Whimsical patterns etched into the goblets: stripes, swirls, and polka dots

Thin stems and rims

Generous capacity

Easy to tell people’s glasses apart

Set a fun and festive mood



Best hand-washed


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