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New Samsung and LG Refrigerators with Wifi and LCD Screens May Change your Kitchen


Internet connected appliances may or may not be the next big thing. It will depend on you the consumer, as to whether or not this trends stays around. Are you willing to pay more for a refrigerator with an LCD screen that enables Google calendar to remind your significant other that it’s time to pick up the dry cleaning. Do you want to be able to scroll through pictures on your refrigerator display. If you have ever had a digital picture frame you know whether or not you will use this feature.

There are a lot more of these options on the way. There will be refrigerators, washers, dryers, and more that can do things like alert you when your laundry is done, or let you choose your dryer cycle with a touch screen, or even diagnose problems your machine is having wirelessly via the Web. Is it overkill? Is it just a trend to get you to pay more for an appliance? Does it simplify your life to have to program your LCD screen on the refrigerator? Samsung has two refrigerators that are at the front of this connected trend: the RSG309 and RF4289 each have an 8-inch screen built into the door, which along with a series of kitchen-related applications and built-in Wi-Fi makes your refrigerator a whole lot smarter.

John E. Moore John E. Moore has been reviewing kitchen goods and refrigerators for 8 years as the leader of cookswarehouse.com. Cooks Warehouse sells more than 400 kitchen items and accessories. John is also a self-described computer tech geek…. See more about John

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