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Furi FUR888 Review

Santoku Knive  7/10


Furi FUR888 Review: Rachael Ray Gusto-Grip 6-Inch Santoku Knife
Inspired by the popular Gusto-Grip knives on Rachael Ray’s cooking show, this 6-inch santoku knife is lighter and thinner than most, and it features a very sharp edge. Able to slice through dense and soft foods with equal vigor, it has a comfortable plastic handle with built-in antimicrobial inhibitors. For a $14.64 santoku knife, it’s a quite decent performer. Its blade is made of stamped, not forged, steel, which accounts for the lighter feel. It doesn’t seem as heavy-duty or perfectly balanced as your more expensive knives, but it serves its purpose in the kitchen well.


Very sharp and retains its edge

Comfortable handle with finger groove

Handle infused with antimicrobial inhibitors to prevent bacterial growth


Limited lifetime warranty

Slices dense foods easily and quickly


Some complain of rust problems

Light, cheap feel; stamped and not forged steel

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