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KitchenAid KUDC10FXSS

Dishwasher with 36 Spray Jets  8.5/10 By Brittany Rowland This may be one of the more expensive dishwashers on the top 10 list, but it operates at whisper quiet levels. This KitchenAid dishwasher has a sensor wash cycle that detects the best, and the most efficient washing settings for every wash. Furthermore, the 4 stainless […]


16 Place Setting Dishwasher  8.5/10 By Brittany Rowland At only $499, this GE built-in dishwasher offers top notch cleaning performance along with a steam prewash to prep dishes. The steam prewash means no scrubbing after the washer has run to get those stuck on food particles. The door doesn’t have the clean look like other […]


15 Place Setting Dishwasher  7.5/10 By Brittany Rowland If you like your appliances to have a sleek, uncluttered appearance, then you’ll be pleased with the LG LDF7774ST. Its controls are located at the top edge of the door, keeping them out of view when the door is closed. We were happy with the generous place […]

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GE GLD5868VSS  9/10 Colors: Black, White, Stainless 16 Place Setting Capacity 4 wash cycles 55 dBA 24″ x 25″ x 33 ¾” You can easily stuff this GE dishwasher full of dishes after a big family meal with its 16 place settings. A steam prewash effectively breaks down grease, grime, and food particles to get […]


Full Console Stainless Steel Dishwasher  9/10 By Brittany Rowland This GE dishwasher is a delightful surprise with its generous stainless steel tub capable of washing up to 16 place settings at a time. A steam prewash is a great feature that breaks down grease, grime, and food particles that results in a clean wash every […]

Significant Percentage of Americans Name Their Dishwasher As the Noisiest Thing In Their House

By Brittany Rowland A recent poll reveals that 38 percent of Americans think their dishwasher is the loudest thing in their house, just below squalling children. Most dishwasher manufacturers claim their products are quiet, but that’s often a subjective description. The Bosch 88 Plus model, however, stands out with a mere 39 decibels: a virtually […]

Energy Star will Become Stricter with its Dishwasher Efficiency Standards in January 2012

By Brittany Rowland According to a Consumer Reports article, starting January 20, 2012, Energy Star is changing its requirements. In order for dishwashers to qualify for the Energy Star rating, they’ll have to be 9 percent more energy efficient and use 27 percent less water than the current standards. In the meantime, appliance retailers will […]

How to Choose the Best Dishwasher for your Needs

By Brittany Rowland Depending on your kitchen space and how many dishes you go through each day, you may find one particular type of dishwasher—a regular built-in, an 18 inch, or a countertop—works best for you. Each kind of dishwasher has its pros and cons, but you can typically find a quality performer in any […]

Comparing Two Built-In Dishwashers: The GE GLD5868VSS vs. the Whirlpool WDF730PAYB

By Brittany Rowland Two dishwashers for roughly the same price, the GE model at $509 and the Whirlpool one at $498, offer comparable cleaning performance and features. But does one come out ahead when they’re compared side by side? Size Considerations The GE dishwasher has a slightly larger capacity, fitting 16 place settings compared to […]

Features That Improve Cleaning Efficiency in Dishwashers

By Brittany Rowland Most modern dishwashers operate on the same principles: Dishes arranged in a box are sprayed with jets of water to remove grease and food particles. Whether it’s a countertop or a built-in model, leftover water returns to the kitchen drain system. There are standard features that appear in nearly every type of […]

Buying a Dishwasher: Is it Better to Shop Online or at the Store?

By Brittany Rowland As you begin your search for a new dishwasher, you’re probably considering a couple important question: How can I find a high-quality model at a reasonable price? With dishwashers, you tend to get what you pay for, so unless you’re on a tight budget you should consider the performance of the less […]

8 Steps to Saving Energy with your Dishwasher

By Brittany Rowland Everyone wants a dishwasher that cleans and sanitizes dishes effectively. In today’s environmentally conscious world, many people also want to save energy with their dishwasher. With just a few minor adjustments to how you operate the machine, you can save considerably on energy costs. Wash full loads. Your dishwasher will use the […]

Stainless Steel Dishwashers: Stylish and Sanitary

By Brittany Rowland More families today are choosing stainless steel dishwashers because they lend a professional, sophisticated look and imitate the kind that real chefs use. To accommodate this demand, several top dishwasher manufacturers proudly advertise their models’ stainless steel interiors. Not only do they look sleek and stylish, but stainless steel offers several benefits […]


Extra-large Place Setting Capacity  7.5/10 By Brittany Rowland With a countdown indicator on the concealed control panel, you can keep track of when your dishes will be completely clean. LG impresses again with a gleaming, smoothly designed dishwasher. It runs so quietly, we almost couldn’t tell it was on. With a hard food disposal system, […]

Electrolux EDW7505HSS Review

Dishwasher with 24-Hour Delay Start  8/10 By Brittany Rowland Every dishwasher should allow such flexibility in loading dishes as this Electrolux model does. Fully integrated, its glossy stainless steel exterior, uncluttered by any buttons or dials, will stand out against your cabinets. For convenience, there’s a delay start option for up to 24 hours, so […]

LG LDS4821ST Review

Full Console Dishwasher  8/10 By Brittany Rowland A smooth, glossy exterior and uncluttered console panel make this LG dishwasher stand out. The controls are designed to be as simple as possible, with just a couple buttons and a clear digital display. We were impressed with this dishwasher’s performance, too, with its ability to break down […]