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Electrolux EW36GC55G

Electrolux EW36GC55G Review

36″ Gas Cooktop  9/10 By Brittany Rowland Sleek, sturdy continuous grates run across this large cooktop, priced at $1,199, to provide the most space and flexibility when it comes to cooking with multiple pans. The dual-flame burner is powerful enough at 18,000 BTUs to bring water to a quick boil and also gentle at its […]

Frigidaire FFGC3015L

Frigidaire FFGC3015L Review

30″ Gas Cooktop  8/10 By Brittany Rowland The solid, rugged continuous grates on this Frigidaire gas cooktop are easy to pull up for cleaning and have an appealing pattern. At 30 inches, it’s a compact model with only four burners, but they heat quickly and provide satisfactory boiling and simmering capabilities. Setting the temperatures is […]


LG LSCG306ST Review

30″ Gas Cooktop  8.5/10 By Brittany Rowland A sturdy, top-performing gas cooktop from LG, this model has five sealed burners wide enough to hold skillets, griddles, and woks. Its most powerful burner, located in the center, has the heating power of 19,000 BTUs. Other burners are low-powered and suited for gentle, even simmering. The blue […]

Maytag MEC7430W

Maytag MEC7430BS Review

30″ Electric Cooktop  8.5/10 By Brittany Rowland Maytag’s 30-inch electric cooktop has a glossy, wide surface to accommodate pots and pans of all sizes with ease. The 10-inch element is suited for extra-large pans, and the Speed Heat element reaches high temperatures quickly with an impressive 3,200 watts. As is the case with most electric […]

Whirlpool GLS3665RS

Whirlpool GLS3665RS Review

36″ Gas Cooktop  9/10 By Brittany Rowland A wide, generous space to hold a variety of pots and pans, this Whirlpool gas cooktop heats up quickly with its power burner reaching 15,000 BTUs. As with most gas burners, we found them to distribute the flames evenly and allow the most control over the temperature. With […]

Verona VEGCT212F

Whirlpool W5CG3024XS Review

30″ Gas Cooktop  8/10 By Brittany Rowland A sturdy, attractive gas cooktop from Whirlpool, the Whirlpool W5CG3024XS has continuous cast-iron grates that make it easy to slide pots and pans from one burner to another. The burners are quite powerful, too. We were impressed with the selection: two power burners (12,500 BTU), one quickly boiling […]

Summit SINC2220

GE PHP960DMBB Review

36″ Induction Cooktop  7.5/10 By Brittany Rowland We were impressed with the heating power of this 36-inch induction cooktop from GE. Its burners can bring water to a boil in as little as 90 seconds. The GE PHP960DMBB also has a smooth, uncluttered surface that is a breeze to wipe down. Its electronic touch controls […]

GE PP989

GE PP989 Review

30″ Electric Cooktop  8.5/10 By Brittany Rowland With a glossy ceramic surface you’ll want to maintain to keep shiny and streak-free, this GE electric cooktop features a downdraft exhaust that keeps the kitchen clear of smoke and steam. A convenient bridge element gives you even more space to heat up large pots by combining three […]


GE PHP900 Review

30″ Induction Cooktop  8.5/10 By Brittany Rowland A smooth glassy black surface makes this GE induction cooktop stand out in the kitchen. With electronic touch controls instead of knobs, wiping it down after use is easier, too. A maximum power of 3,700 watts brings water to a boil quickly, and the elements possess the technology […]

Bosch NGM8054UC

KitchenAid KFGS306VSS Review

30″ Gas Cooktop  9/10 By Brittany Rowland A 30-inch gas cooktop with five powerful burners (up to 15,000 BTU), the KitchenAid KFGS306VSS is a stylish, functional option for any kitchen. The grates are made of sturdy cast-iron and make it easy to slide pots and pans from one burner to another without lifting. Cleaning up […]

Best Cooktops

Best Cooktops

Top 10 Cooktops By Brittany Rowland To determine the 10 best cooktops, we looked at a number of factors, including: 1. Number of burners or elements 2. Space to hold large pans 3. Straightforward controls 4. Ease of cleaning 5. Style and appearance 6 Sturdiness of design 7. Heating power and variability Whether you choose […]